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Contact for Suppliers and Procurement of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH


Becoming a supplier

We assume the following with our suppliers:

  • Deadlines (Delivery on Schedule)
  • Delivery Reliability
  • Cost Responsibility
  • Quality Management
  • Competence in terms of processes, development and production
  • Cooperation with MHPS Europe
  • Certifications
  • Substainability

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are a prerequisite for our supplier relationships:

Supplier Self-Disclosure

Icon VOR019_Supplier_Self_Disclosure.xlsx

Icon VORQS04__LQ_General_Supplier_Data.doc

Icon VORQS04_EIC_General_Supplier_Data.docx

Quality Agreements

E&IC (electrical)

Icon VORQS04_Annex_2_LQ_Beschaffung_Procurement_Rev_AC.doc

Icon VORQS04_EL_LQ_Allgem_Kopfdaten_Kap6.0_05_2017.doc

Icon VORQS04_EL_LQ_Engineering_Kap6.1_02_2017.doc

Icon VORQS04_EL_LQ_Montage_Kap6.5_02_2017.doc

Icon VORQS04_EL_LQ_Versand_Kap6.4_02_2017.doc


Icon VORQS04__Annex_8_LQ_Civil.doc

Icon VORQS04_Annex_1_LQ_Engineering.doc

Icon VORQS04_Annex_2_LQ_Beschaffung_Procurement_Rev_AC.doc

Icon VORQS04_Annex_3_LQ_Fabrication.doc

Icon VORQS04_Annex_4_LQ_Transportation.doc

Icon VORQS04_Annex_5_LQ_Construction.doc

Icon VORQS04_Annex_6_LQ_ZfP_ZP.doc

 Icon VORQS04_Annex_7_LQ_semifinished_product.doc

MHPS General Purchasing T&C

Icon MHPS_General_Purchasing.pdf

General Framework Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

In order to be able to qualify you as our supplier, we first need the information on supplier self-disclosure and quality agreements filed documents filled in by you back.
If we have identified you as a potential supplier for us, we will deal with you on the subject of general framework agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Take up this challenge; become one of our partners and do not hesitate to contact us.

Strategic Procurement
Mrs. Katrin Pannenbäcker                Mrs. Katrin Henning
Phone: +49 203 8038 3171             Phone: +49 203 8038 1466

E-Mail: purchasing@eu.mhps.com

AEB/ Notice for inspection


Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH

Here you can download our General Purchasing Terms and Conditions for deliveries and services (AEB) document as well as the "Guideline for Employer´s Notice for Inspection" and "Blank template Employer´s Notice for Inspection".

General Purchasing Terms and Conditions 
Guideline for Employer´s Notice for Inspection
Blank template Employer´s Notice for Inspection

Logistics/ Supply Chain Management


HSE additional terms & HSE plan


Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH

Here you can download HSE additional terms and the HSE plan. These conditions apply to all contractual relationships between the Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH and the contractor, if works on sites and related facilities of the MHPSE and their clients / customers are included.

Icon Show Additional_conditions_HSE

Icon Show HSE_Plan