Digital Solutions (MHPS-TOMONI™ and ENERGY CLOUD®)


MHPS-TOMONI™ is driving the industry forward by harnessing big data using sophisticated analytics and human insights to improve power plant performance. Providing real-time adaptive control and actionable knowledge, MHPS-TOMONI™ is a digital solution that helps plant operators lower the cost of electricity, improve efficiency, extend maintenance cycles and achieve environmental performance goals. Another tool is MHI's “ENERGY CLOUD®”, a proprietary energy solution service that is able to accurately predict and detect customers' energy usage and equipment operating status with outstanding precision.

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Leading the Digital Power Plant Revolution

Based on MHPS’s 30-year heritage of using remote monitoring and digital analytics to collaborate with customers to boost profitability, MHPS-TOMONI™ utilizes best-in-class software platforms to provide tools and capabilities to maximize operational excellence. Revolutionary Energy means our drive to enhance power plant performance never ends. MHPS-TOMONI™ reflects innovative thinking regarding the latest digital power plant technology.